Stanley Black & Decker Insole Pilot - Reducing Employee Foot Fatigue

Stanley Black & Decker Insole Pilot - Reducing Employee Foot Fatigue

From the patient with balance issues to the athlete seeking faster foot awareness, Naboso Insoles' benefits are vast. One area of application that we are finding significant benefit - is in the standing employee. 

Anyone who has stood on their feet all day knows the stress this can place on the feet and lower back. Now imagine doing this day after day due to one's work environment.  

Standing at work is considered an ergonomic risk, which the CDC has reported costs the US healthcare system over $2.6 billion in associated costs! 

Foot Strength & Standing Risks 

With our feet as the foundation to our body alignment and posture, foot strength and awareness is critical to supporting the rest of our body. Flat feet, prior foot injury, and weak feet all make us susceptible to fatigue during prolonged standing. 

By adding in the Naboso sensory insoles, one can stay connected to the feet, keep the feet strong and support postural strength.  

We tested out the efficacy of our Insoles at one of the Stanley Black and Decker manufacturing facilities. This is what we found out! 

The Results are In! 

In Spring 2020, we had 27 SBD employees wear the Naboso Insoles in their boots throughout their 8-10 hour shifts. Before we started, we took a baseline assessment of the employee's foot pain and fatigue levels. 

70% had foot pain 

67% had back pain 

85% had reported fatigue midweek and end of shift 

After wearing the Naboso Insoles in their work boots during their 8 - 10 hour shift and or a period of 6 weeks, these are the results we got. 

85% decrease in foot pain 

71% decrease in back pain 

77% decrease in reported fatigue midweek and end of shift 

This pilot demonstrates the importance of foot awareness and the efficacy of sensory stimulation in foot strengthening and postural endurance. The applications are vast on how the Naboso Insoles can be used for other standing employees, including hospital staff, police, military, UPS & FedEx drivers, hair stylists - the list goes on to consider 65% of employees report prolonged standing for work. 

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