Neuro Ball

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The Neuro Ball is a 3-in-1 tool and one of the most versatile release tools on the market   The Neuro Ball can be used as a ball or split into two domes, and provide both sensory stimulation and/or trigger point release. 

Featuring the Naboso texture on the surface, the Neuro Ball provides simultaneous release with sensory stimulation. 

Bonus, inside the Neuro Ball is a firm Micro Round for detail work and to get into the small muscles of the feet and hands. 

  • 2.6 inch diameter
  • 5.6 ounces

    Naboso Splay

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    Complete your Naboso Experience with Naboso Splay - toe separators designed to reconnect and recover natural foot shape and optimize movement. 

    Naboso Splay works to realign toe position and restore overall foot shape.   By stretching the small muscles of the toes, Splay toe separators help to improve balance, stability, gait and posture.   

    Can be used in combination with any of the Naboso Insoles to enhance overall foot function and movement.  

    Includes:   One pair of toe separators, small carrying bag + video series with programming