Licensed Products

Official Naboso® Licensed Products

Naboso® only partners with the best brands in the health, fitness, and rehabilitative space. These official licensed products all are designed to improve movement, balance, and performance at work, home, or in the gym.

Naboso® & Boditrak

Naboso® has teamed up with BoditrakPerformance to provide an innovative surface to their movement assessment and pressure mapping system. Now you can use Naboso® Mats with Boditrak's Vector Plate model for better performance during every workout.

Naboso® & Power Plate®

Naboso® has partnered with Power Plate® to provide an innovative proprioceptive surface to its whole body vibration platforms. Use Naboso Mats® with Power Plate products for improved sports medicine , orthopedics and active aging.

Naboso® & TrueForm Runner

Naboso® has worked closely with TrueForm Runner to provide an innovative proprioceptive surface to its curved non-motorized treadmill. The patent-pending textured material is similar to the one used to make Naboso® Insoles.

Naboso® & Xero Shoes

Naboso® has partnered with Xero Shoes to create a proprioceptive sandal that enhances natural foot function and optimizes sensory stimulation. The sandal stimulates various areas of the foot, which improves posture and enhances movement.